History of Adult Toys

Adult Toys – An Interesting History Of Them And What Characteristics Of Adult Toys To Avoid

Once the sun has set – if not before then – television viewers can find advertisements for online stores selling adult toys. Anyone who walks into Walmart, Target, and other popular grocery or home living stores can find vibrators by simply walking through aisles near pharmaceutical goods and hygienic supplies. As of nearly a decade ago, Internet users can replicate sexual intercourse with one another thanks to teledildonics, a modern type of technology that transmits signals from the dominant’s end to the recipient, often facilitated through live video chat.

Sex Toys by Joujou are practically everywhere in today’s world, quite literally even at supermarkets. However, not everybody is clear on the history of the many types, shapes, and flavors of adult toys.
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First, we’ll delve into the deep history of adult toys, then brush over what types are most popular in today’s technological era, including what types of toys and materials used to manufacture adult toys should be avoided.

Just a handful of years ago, as recently as the turn of 2015, historians uncovered a phallic piece of stone with markings mimicking the human penis. Found in southern Germany, the toy was created as a mashup of 14 individual pieces of stone. The scientific world’s general consensus towards the rudimentary stone toy is that it was used for sexual pleasure, believed to be what humans know as the world’s earliest sex toy – it’s from about 30,000 years ago.

In the United Kingdom, yet another phallus made of stone was found, this time just a few thousand years ago. Made of chalk, the basic toy is thought to be the second-earliest type of adult toys ever made.

While the following tidbit hasn’t been proven as factual, legend has it that Egyptian queen Cleopatra captured several bees in an empty guard. Whenever the gourd – more like best invention in adult toys in some years – was shaken, bees would begin flying faster, causing its user to feel a heightened sense of pleasure.

Sometime around 2,500 years ago, someone from Japan created what’s now known as Ben Wa balls. These adult toys are considerably popular in today’s world, despite their old age. Ben Wa balls are characterized by a pair of steel balls attached to a string, allowing them to spin freely.

If we fast forward to the past two centuries, a steam-powered vibrator was made in the mid-1800s. Even further, a mainstream vibrator was initially developed and manufactured by Hamilton Beach.

Stay away from these adult toys

Adult toys that have abnormally strong smells of plastic or rubber should be tossed immediately. Such toys are likely crafted with phthalates, chemicals used to weaken rubber that has been demonstrated to spur cancer growth.

Never use any phallic objects – or any type of adult toys, for that matter – that don’t have a safety mechanism to prevent losing them inside one’s self. The most rudimentary-yet-effective safety protocol is purchasing adult toys that feature wide bases, also called flared bases.

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