Sex Toys and How to Use Them

Different Kinds of Basic Sex Toys and How to Use Them
An old, commonly-told joke goes along the lines of: ninety-eight percent of humans masturbate. What about the other two percent? They’re lying! One study indicates that in the United States, only thirty-eight percent of women flick their beans, opposed to just sixty-one percent of men jacking their beanstalks.

Everyone with half a brain realizes these figures are wrong, wrong, wrong. It seems likely nearly everyone has masturbated at least once before! It’s okay not to enjoy masturbation, but it’s hard not to enjoy the stimulation of thousands of nerve endings, daydreaming about potential partners, and…. OK, you get the point.

Sex toys can be used in intercourse between two males, two females, heterosexual couples, ménages à trois, or by one’s self. Here are several types of adult toys meant specifically for masturbation, nearly guaranteed to make you explode harder than ever before, spurting… I need to get to writing, not daydreaming again! Sex Toys

Anal beads

These popular sex toys are both male- and female-friendly. Anal beads feature at least two small or medium sized beads held together by a string or sturdy line of rubber or steel. To use anal beads, insert them fully — or as deep as you feel comfortable — and gently pull them out near orgasm. They stimulate women’s g-spots and men’s prostates. Women are generally more comfortable with these toys, although even straight men can have a ball with them.

Penis sleeves

These sex toys are shaped like cylinders, open on both ends. Men slide their members into one end, grasp the shaft with their hand, and pump up and down. Penis sleeves usually feature balls, lumps, or other textures along the interior of them to provide stimulation. They also are designed for gay men in the form of docking sleeves. Docking sleeves are longer than those intended for only one user, allowing men to dock their cocks against one another.


Dildos are the most classic of Vibrators at JouJou, replicating penises, usually longer than normal-sized dongs. These phallic sex toys come in literally hundreds of variations, intended for both male and female audiences. Various dildos feature vibrators, two heads, comical lengths, and even come in molds to replicate your man’s member.

Rabbit vibrators

Rabbit vibrators are well-known in sexual circles as the best vibrators. The most favorite female sex toys — rabbits, duh — feature a vibrating phallus with an attachment to stimulate a women’s clitoris. These adult toys are almost always entirely vibrators, allowing women to simply lay back and relaaaaxxxx. Unfortunately, men are not able to use rabbit vibrators to their full potential, although, I guess they could experiment with them (with little luck, unfortunately).

These sex toys are some of the most popular, best-feeling on today’s wide-open market. No matter your sexuality or gender, one or more of these toys are guaranteed to trip your trigger. Try them out and find what you like the best!

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